Maranatha Community Church has a heart for those in need and is looking to practically touch communities with God’s love, at the point of their need.

One of the methods we use is to seek like-minded people, in the communities, who are effectively reaching out. We then partner with them in making a greater impact in that area. Where there is a strong leadership and an established ministry, we find that our input is more effective.

We use Acts 1:8 as a motivation where it tells us to be witnesses of Jesus in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Hence we have projects running in our city, our province, our nations and in key ministries around the world.

We are very excited, and indeed, positive, about what God is doing today, and even more excited to play whatever role God would have us play in winning souls for Him, and see Him change lives. All glory to God!