Our Goal:

To prepare every member, through equipping, to be effective in the specific ministries to which God has called them.

The Maranatha Training Department, established in 1999, is a facility that caters for the training needs of a growing church. This facility provides centralised training for all congregations within the church.

A wide spectrum of training courses has been developed to meet the specific needs of our members.

Our equipping courses are sorted into various categories for differing levels of learning, many of the courses being pre-requisites for others. Follow the category below to see what we offer.

Basic Equipping
If you’d like to become a member at Maranatha or are seeking a foundation from which to grow in your faith, this group of courses is for you.

Ongoing Training
These courses are designed to help your grow closer to God.

Other Training
As you develop in Christ-like maturity, additional relational and spiritual needs develop: this category of training helps you further equip yourself for your journey.

Leadership Training
We offer leadership training to our congregation as well as church leaders fromĀ around the country.