All primary school children from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

We offer an energetic and relevant program during the Sunday services. Our Children’s Ministry provides interactive and focussed teaching to help your child grow in their relationship with people and God.

We desire to see your child reach spiritual heights at an early age so that they can make a long term positive impact on their world at school and at home.

Your child will enjoy a time of vibrant and meaningful praise and worship together with all the other children, classes then divide according to school grades.

Practical and relevant teaching concerning your child’s life, growth and challenges is presented using God’s Word as both a foundation and an infallible authority.

The core teaching for each grade is the same but the method and style of delivery is more age focussed.
Throughout even the teaching time, games and activities are used to illustrate points and involve the children in the lesson.

During all Sunday services.

Friday evenings from 19h00 – 21h00, we have youth events for grade 6’s and 7’s. These times are used for fun and team building, input and growth as well as outreaches and ministry within the community. 

Throughout the year there are children’s camps and various events for different age groups (these are announced as they happen during the year).